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Axle removal and installation

a. Loosen bearings- loosen bearings then grind out the bur on the axle by spinning the bearings in their place on the axle a couple of times
b. shims/spacers- use in gear and brake hubs (not necessary, but helps)
c. brake and gear hubs- take bolt all the way out, then put it in the other side to expand the hub- this way makes it easeir to take it off the axle
d. take out axle with rubber mallet and hammering on the end of the axle to push it through the bearings and cassettes

a. insert new axle through bearings/cassettes- remember to insert keys BEFORE you slide axle through gear and brake hubs
b. measure both sides to make sure they are even from edn of axle to bearings (should be about 7 7/8"-8" each side)
c. tighten bearings
d. line up and tighten brake disk hub
e. line up and tighten gear hub
f. once axle is seated and tightened in place, use rubber mallet and tap across the entire length of the axle to seat it properly
g. reapply chain, wheels, etc.

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