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Part#: 2840

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Posted: 01-10-2019 08:55:48
Seller: bdavis
Seller's rating: 5.00 out of 5

Category: Karts
Make: Arrow AX9 / TAG
Condition: 8- one season or less; great race condition
Price: $1500.00 (negotiable)
Shipping? yes
Location: Ohio
Local club: MSOKC


I advertised this package item (see #2784) a while ago and although it definitely is what the ad states, there hasn’t been much interest. You really have to see it to appreciate it. I do admit however that it has the downside of being a Leopard vs the current X30 in the TAG class. Talking with many people, there isn’t a whole lot of difference. About half of the packages at enduros are Leopards. I know that people want the “latest and greatest” though.
So, --------- that said and acknowledged ------- I think this package has it’s value as at least a 26HP “Play kart” for someone to go to the track, have fun, and put in laps, FAST LAPS ! Therefore, I’m going to be price to fitting that market.
To make it even more interesting, it’s going to be put on a REVERSE AUCTION BLOCK at the upcoming OVKA Swap meet, Feb.2, at the Roberts Arena Centre, in Wilmington , Ohio .
Here’s how the REVERSE AUCTION is going to work.
Price at 8AM to 10AM = $2000, 10 to 11 = $1900. 11-noon = $1800. Noon-1 = $1700. 1-2= $1600. 2-3=$1500. Yes, $1500 looks like a giveaway ( and it is ! ) but the longer you wait, someone else may grab it at an earlier, higher, still great deal price!

I will entertain reasonable offers during January before hauling it down to the show, though, so give me a call at 740-364-8013 if you'd like to come to Columbus to see it.

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