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Part#: 2420

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Posted: 05-07-2016 04:17:28
Seller: KenRosch
Seller's rating: 5.00 out of 5

Category: Karts
Make: Coyote Fx-1 and Sidetrack GL Animals with Trailer
Condition: 5- more than one season; good race condition
Price: $5000.00 (negotiable)
Shipping? no
Location: Illinois
Local club: BKC



2008 Coyote Widetrack GL. 4 Cycle Central Briggs and Stratton race motor rebuilt last year. Mychron 4 gauge. Transponder.

1998 Coyote FX-1. 4 Cycle Central Briggs and Stratton race motor. Mychron 4 gauge. Transponder.

1997 Wells Cargo 5 foot by 10 foot trailer. Shelves in front for tools, spares, etc. extra shelf in back so karts can be stacked for transport or so you can work underneath the top kart. Cabinet on door for holding fluids and sprays with built in safe so your wallet and car keys are safe during your track time. Also has a bulletin board.

Fully stick Lowes top box tool box. Includes some specialty Karting tools.

4 kart stands

Extra carbs, extra clutches (both drum and disc) complete set of rear gears to go road racing or kart track racing. Children's safety gear for one child included. 3 extra seats. Two extra fuel tanks. Extra tired and wheels. 2 kart covers. Extra gaskets, valve springs, carb rebuild parts. 1 starter with battery that should be good for this season. 1-5 gallon and one two gallon methanol jugs. Some methanol. At least 3 quarts of proper motor oil, probably more. More spares that i am just not thinking of right now. I have more spares than some Kart Shops.

Perfect set up for parent and child. With seat changes can be good for two children or two adults.

Show up with cash and a vehicle with a two inch trailer ball. Pay cash. But some safety gear. Go racing. Nothing else needed but track time.

Except for my personal safety gear you get everything I have.

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