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Part#: 2334

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Posted: 01-22-2016 08:30:39
Seller: 2CYCLE
Seller's rating: 5.00 out of 5

Category: Engines/Engine parts
Make: Sonik TX125
Condition: 6- more than one season; great race condition
Price: $1500.00 (negotiable)
Shipping? yes
Location: Wisconsin
Local club:


We have for immediate sale a SONIK TX125 TaG engine package with spares. This engine was blueprinted and maintained by Two Cycle Technology. This engine has a lot of winning history having won several WKA Manufactures Cup races including the National Championship and the Grand Nationals. Currently the engine has not been fired up since having a complete rebuild. Current piston size is 54.15R. Engine package contains the wiring harness, mount (no clamps) and a new IAME radiator. Engine has a 10 tooth drum on it that is in good condition. Everything you see in the picture comes with it. 3 used pipes, 2 with the flex. A spare used starter that is in good condition. A spare used clutch that is in good condition. A used rotor and stator that originally was on the engine but it would not start off the onboard starter. You would need to use a hand held starter to get it to turn over fast enough to start. (That is why it was replaced) 2 used 10 tooth clutch drums, 2 used 11 tooth clutch drums. A used flywheel that has some wear but is still usable.

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